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It Depends On What Types Of Games You Like, But If You Like Ming Challenging Games This Is The One For You!

Big feature missing

Great game but you should be able to continue your game where you left off. It is a casual game so we can be interrupted and have to close the device from time to time...

Great game

Super fun and it is a really good brain exercise.

This is the only game thats actually good made by ketchapp

This is the only game thats actually good made by ketchapp


So addicting! So worth your time! Love it!!!

Pure Plagiarism

Ever heard of Threes? This game merely copies its mechanics, gameplay, and nearly everything else except the pricing system. Then, it sells it as its own. This game DISGUSTS me.

Crashes-A LOT

9/10 times that I try to play multiplayer with my friends the game crashes and it is VERY FRUSTRATING.

Good challenge

Can be played casual or strategically. Either way is fun and addicting.

Nothing to say

But too simple

Easy but addictive

I love this game. So simple but yet I keep playing

Mz Robyn

Im addicted

Simple, clean gameplay

Minimalist. Nice clean look. Simple controls. All in all this is well-done. Loss of one star because there REALLY needs to be an undo option. One slip of a finger (my error or the game misreading the direction) can mean the loss of a great game in progress.

Worst Game

Disgustingly bad game. Constantly throwing adds in your face as you try to play. NOT EVEN WORTH THE MEMORY ON YOUR PHONE!

Wish I Could Rate 6 Stars!

This game is so addictive! Its simplistic style and game play makes for a perfect game!

Keeps me entertained

Great game to pass away time. Always challenging.

Random 4s can blow me

I love how "randomly" it gives you a 4 and not a 2. Dumbest thing about this game.

Hard but addicting

This game is hard I deleted it ... I cant get it on the number otherwise addicting. Decent game

Addicting frustration

Its impossible to reach 2048, but I cant stop trying.

Ads plague this game

When I first got it when it first came out everything was great, I got so addicted to this game. I re-downloaded it here recently and its just plagued by ad after ad after ad. One when you start the game, one when you finish a game. Etc etc. sometimes youll go to start playing as soon as the app launches only for an ad to pop up as soon as you touch the screen, forcing your phone to launch the App Store. Then you close the App Store and the game is frozen, so you have to close the game, and restart it, and wait for the ad to finish. Screw that. Deleted.

LOVE this game but...

This game represents my favorite activity on my iPhone. However, I wish the game would prompt you that starting one of the challenges will wipe out your current (regular non-challenge) game. Just accidently wiped a game that I had a 4096 tile in... Crap.

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